Lu City


Dynamic from birth and destined to make music – Lu City artists LUJA & Ryie boast a unique Afrobeat/Zouk/Dancehall blend with a strong Pop appeal and a proper sexy Caribbean feel. Although they are inspired by international Pop, Rap, Dancehall and R&B artists, Lu City’s Caribbean upbringing also has a major influence on their beats and lyrics. The result is an unexpected and upscale sound to come out of the tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia; with catchy beats, relatable lyrics and smooth melodies they possess an obvious potential for international listener-ship.

These prolific young artists have been releasing what has been regarded by listeners as ‘hits with mainstream potential’ over the past six years. They have grown as artists, cultivating, experimenting and perfecting their captivating and unique sound. They have also recently been ramping up appearances and performances locally and regionally; opening for international artists such as Popcaan, Kalash and French Montana.



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